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Just William

The Author

Richmal Crompton Lamburn was born on the 15th November,1890 in Bury Lancashire.

Richmal's first professionally published story appeared in the Girl's Own Paper in 1918. Richmal had started out as a teacher and at this time was a classics mistress at Bromley High School Kent. She was stricken with polio in 1923 and despite this disability continued teaching until her doctor convinced her to give it up for her own good.'

William' was inspired by her brother Jack who travelled the world writing a number of books on his adventures.

Richmal's first William book appeared in 1922 and she continued to write of his adventures until her death in January 1969. All 38 books were published by George Newnes London.

Just William 1922
More William 1922
William Again 1923
William the Fourth 1924
Still William 1925
William the Conqueror 1926
William the Outlaw 1927
William in Trouble 1927
William the Good 1928
William 1929
William the Bad 1930
William's Happy Days 1930
William's Crowded Hours 1931
William the Pirate 1932
William the Rebel 1933
William the Gangster 1934
William the Detective 1935
Sweet William 1936
William the Showman 1937
William the Dictator 1938
William and the A.R.P. (a.k.a. William's Bad Resolution)
William and the Evacuees 1940 (a.k.a. William the Film Star)
William Does His Bit 1941
William Carries On 1942
William and the Brains Trust 1945
Just William's Luck 1948
William the Bold 1950
William and the Tramp 1952
William and the Moon Rocket 1954
William and the Space Animal 1956
William's Television Show 1958
William the Explorer 1960
William's Treasure Trove 1962
William and the Witch 1964
William and the Pop Singers 1965
William and the Masked Ranger 1966
William the Superman 1968
William the Lawless 1970
Just William

This is the first of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1922.
There are twelve short stories in this volume.
1. William Goes to the Pictures - William re-enacts several of the plots he sees on screen much to the horror of different members of his family.
2. William the Intruder – Robert falls in love with Miss Cannon but William gets himself constantly in the way even riding over a picnic and into the river.
3. William Below Stairs – William decides to run away from home, gets mistaken for the Boots at a large house and then suddenly finds that the dinner guest is his own father.
4. The Fall of the Idol – William falls in love with his teacher but eventually disillusionment sets in over the small matter of some flowers.
5. The Show – William holds a wild animal show in his bedroom but the key exhibit proves to be the snores of Aunt Emily.
6. A Question of Grammar – William holds a party in his house trusting to the blind assumption that two “no’s” are the equivalent to a “yes”.
7. William Join the Band of Hope – Forced reluctantly into attendance at the Band of Hope meeting William lives things up by a game of “Lions and Tamers”.
8. The Outlaws – William is entrusted with the care of a baby in a pram. He and the Outlaws try not to neglect it but the result is the usual disaster.
9. William and White Satin – William and Dorita successfully avoid being page and bridesmaid at a soppy woman’s wedding.
10. William’s New Year’s Day – William’s resolution to be polite is combined with the sudden chance to take control of a sweetshop.
11. The Best Laid Plans – James French falls in love with Ethel and unwisely tries to bribe William into helping him develop his courtship.
12. Jumble – Though he had been mentioned in an earlier story in the volume, Crompton tells here for the first time how William comes to acquire his beloved mongrel dog. It is a reward for William posing for a prize-winning painting.

William Again
This is the third of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1923.
There are fourteen short stories in this volume.
1. What Delayed the Great Man – William writes a play and a visiting politician watches the performance enthralled.
2. The Cure – William crosses the sea to Ireland to visit an ailing female relation who perks up from the brink of death when she watches his antics..
3. That Boy – Away on holiday William goes on a charabanc trip where he convinces a lady that his family treat him badly because they are slaves to the power of drink.
4. William the Reformer – Inspired by a church sermon William sets out to reform an unsuspecting archeologist.
5. Not Much – William joins a band of slum children on an outing and discovers to his horror that they are going to his own house for tea.
6. William and the White Cat – An admirer of Ethel’s foolishly entrusts William with a cat basket containing a Persian cat for his sister.
7. William’s Secret Society – William enlists local working class boys into a society to wreak revenge on his school teacher and then finds it hard to disband his members without a good fight.
8. The Native protégé – Sticks of greasepaint from a school production transform William into a native of Borneo who is a guest at a tea party.
9. Just William’s Luck – William is asked to disguise himself as the perfect “Peter” in order to keep the secret of a male writer of a woman’s magazine for mothers.
10. The Great Detective – William persecutes a harmless neighbour under the delusion that the man is a burglar.
11. The Circus – William and his grandfather sneak out of the house to sample the delights of the circus on the village green.
12. William sells the Twins – William turns Ginger’s three year old twin cousins into slaves and leaves them on a doorstep after pocketing the milk money.
13. William’s Helping Hand – A timid writer finds his retreat to the country turned into a nightmare by William’s constant interventions into his writing tasks. A harmless neighbour is imprisoned to see how people speak in real life.
14. William Gets Wrecked – William and Joan play at being wrecked on a desert island. A tramp goes off with William’s suit and the journey home becomes a nightmare of borrowed clothes and a table-cloth.

William – the Fourth
This is the fourth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1924.
There are fourteen short stories in this volume.
1. The Weak Spot – The older brothers of William and his friends believe in the merits of Communism until they face the reality of their families “sharing” their possessions.
2. William and Photography – William decorates the family album of his pompous godmother.
3. The Fete – and Fortune – William uses the opportunity of being a fortune-teller at the fete to make his teacher and his family treat him better
4. William all the Time – William dresses in a bear-skin, terrorises the village and has to be rescued by Goldilocks.
5. Aunt Jane’s Treat – William’s Aunt Jane enjoys herself at the fair.
6. “Kidnappers”- William and Ginger kidnap Lady Barbara d’Arcey but are glad to escape from her in the end.
7. William’s Evening Out – William escapes from a boring family holiday in London to go out and play and fight with many street urchins.
8. William Advertises – William organises an advertising campaign in favour of his favourite sweetshop and enlists the aid of a Duke.
9. William and the Black Cat - William creates a situation where two women believe they own the same cat.
10. William the Showman – William succeeds in humiliating the president of the Society for the Encouragement of Higher Thought when his collection of animals and insects escapes into their meeting.
11. William’s Extra Day – William uses February 29th as the excuse for all sorts of activities that “don’t really count” – these include swapping his clothes with a gypsy boy.
12. William Enters Politics - Williams campaigns on behalf of the Liberals but also becomes sympathetic to the Conservative point of view before devoting himself to making money by selling a picture frame.
13. William Makes a Night Of It – An obnoxious guest in the Brown household is driven away by William’s talent for asking persistent questions.
14. A Dress Rehearsal – William ends up dressed as an Ancient Briton after Ginger causes his ordinary clothes to be disposed of in a rummage sale.

Still - William
This is the fifth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1925.
There are fourteen short stories in this volume.
1. The Bishop’s Handkerchief – After an episode in a tree William gains the handkerchief that allows him to win his bet with Robert.
2. Henri Learns the Language – William and the Outlaws and Joan play at being the members of a particular street. However, they introduce all sorts of ideas that amuse Henri and which he retells to adults with tremendous consequences.
3. The Sweet Little Girl in White – Violet Elizabeth imposes her will on William and the Outlaws for the first time.
4. William Turns Over a New Leaf – William succeeds in getting his brother engaged to the wrong girl and in pushing Ethel into a night out that she didn’t want.
5. A Bit of Blackmail – William saves the idle keeper of one of Mr.Bott’s lodges by blackmailing Mr. Bott with photos of him taking exercise.
6. William the Money-Maker – William, the Outlaws and Violet Elizabeth put on an exhibition in which they all pose as natives. Mrs. Bott is horrified and has hysterics but the member of the gentry seems highly amused.
7. “The Haunted House” – William inadvertently leaves Robert’s overnight case in a “haunted house” and once more the path of true love does not run smoothly for William’s brother and the young damsel.
8. William the Match-Maker – William persuades one of Ethel’s middle-aged admirers that she returns his affection. The result is disaster for all concerned.
9. William’s Truthful Christmas – A sermon at church leads William to the determination of always telling the truth – even when social circumstances would dictate that a lie would be better.
10. An Afternoon with William – William and Ginger are staying at the seaside. A short trip in a boat convinces them they have reached the land of savages. Mr. Brown has to pay a lot of hush money to recompense the health club they attack.
11. William Spoils the Party – William ruins yet another of Robert’s romances when he and the Outlaws attend a fancy-dress party with the intention of locking up a cabinet minister and making him do what they want.
12. The Cat and the Mouse – A temporary science teacher makes William’s life a misery until William discovers his weak spot with regard to cats.
13. William and Uncle George – William finds himself in a bath-chair, with horned-rim glasses and accepted by a family as their Uncle George.
William and Saint Valentine – William’s love for an attractive adult reverts to faithfulness to little Joan by the time he has got involved in various Valentine’s Day mishaps

William – In Trouble
This is the seventh of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1927.
There are ten short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Early Romans – William sets up a rival “dig” to that of the learned professor. All goes well until the professor picks up the wrong exhibits to illustrate his lecture.
2. William the Fairy Daffodil – William blunders into a private girls’ school and finds himself chosen to be an artist’s model. Later he plays the Fairy Daffodil in a play attended by his mother.
3. William and the Chinese God – In order to prove that he is not frightened of his headmaster William steals a valuable Chinese god figure and then has a terrific amount of trouble trying to put it back.
4. All the News - The Outlaws “aided” by Violet Elizabeth Bott decide to produce a newspaper. A young admirer of Ethel gets somehow drawn into the situation.
5. William’s Mammoth Circus - William persuades the Outlaws to use the private girls’ school as the place to hold the circus to welcome home Joan. In the event they frighten off a psychical research society.
6. The Magic Monkey - The Outlaws play the Laneites at hockey. William uses Henry’s sister’s toy monkey to play a “magical” trick to outwit Hunert and Bertie’s cunning attempt to cheat them out of their reward.
7. William Among the Poets – Robert becomes the President of a young person’s poetry club but is gradually outshone by Oswald Franks who is busy cribbing real poets in order to impress the members. William takes up Robert’s cause and, in spite of his intervention, Robert achieves success.
8. William at the Garden Party - William, trying to repay Robert for an unusual act of kindness, causes havoc and gets away with impersonating a young child prodigy on the piano.
9. William Joins the Waits - William and the Outlaws use the carol-singing organised by the Sunday School Superintendent as an opportunity to prevent their relations from giving them unsuitable Christmas presents.
10. William to the Rescue - William overhears Ethel reading from a book and thinks that she is being forced into marriage. A harmless business friend of Mr.Brown is taken on a long walk as a result.

William – The Outlaw
This is the eighth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1927.
There are ten short stories in this volume.
1. William – The Outlaw The Outlaws decide to run away forever from school but find themselves subjected a long lecture all afternoon on Ringer’s Hill.
2. The Terrible Magician – The Outlaws and Joan believe they have succeeded in changing a harmless newcomer to the village into a donkey.
3. Georgie and the Outlaws – The Perfect Boy comes to live in the village but William eventually destroys his reputation with the help of an unimpressed cousin of the so-called paragon.
4. William Plays Santa Claus – William wants to play a trumpet in the Sunday School Band. Mr. Solomon is determined to prevent him but the Outlaw succeeds in arranging the Mixed Infants Treat and the Old Folks’ Christmas Party so that things work out to his advantage.
5. William and the White Elephants - Absentmindedly Williams sells a black coat at a fete and he and the outlaws spend a good deal of time getting it back. They cause havoc by inviting an unsuitable entertainer who takes over the proceedings.
6. Finding a School for William – Mr. Brown gives up on the idea of a special boarding school for William when the headmaster of the prospective establishment runs away from a ghostly vision that is really one of Ethel’s friends.
7. The Stolen Whistle - William loses his whistle to an irate man and regains it by pretending the Communists have taken over.
8. William Finds a Job – William involves Robert (in a fancy dress King Charles I costume) in a rescue of a damsel who isn’t actually in distress.
9. William’s Busy Day - William climbs through a cave and later causes a flood which cures a woman of depression.
10. William is Hypnotised – The Headmaster’s nephew is a sneak who constantly getting the Outlaws into trouble. William finds a cunning way to pay him out before the term is over.

William –The Bad
This is the eleventh of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1930.
There are ten short stories in this volume.
1. The Knights of the Square Table – William imitates King Arthur and undertakes the quest of separating a chump from his newly-found girlfriend by some subtle talk about snakes.
2. William and the Little Girl – William wins the admiration of a little girl by accidentally capturing an escaped lunatic in the woods.
3. William, Prime Minister- .William organises an election and becomes Prime Minister. However, he is taken aback when the children of the village compel him to get back a little pond that has been fenced in by the owner of a house. After a fall in the pond William succeeds.
4. William Gets His Own Back – Robert refuses to pay William the shilling he owes him because of a love-poem that William wrote on his behalf. William’s revenge comes about on the river bank when the “girl” of the moment listens to the story about his cruel brother.
5. William and the Prize Cat – William and Ginger find a lion cub which wins the cat show set up for Hubert Lane to win. They also get to help out at the circus from which the cub has run away.
6. William Adopts an Orphan – Clarence (who wants to be called John) is delighted when he is adopted by the Outlaws. William finds that looking after an “orfun” is hard work.
7. William and the Campers – Temporarily bereft of supporters, William and Ginger dread the encounter with Hubert and his superior. However, the arrival of some campers, albeit some Sunday School “goodies” allows William to play an elaborate trick and rout his enemy.
8. The Outlaws and the Cucumber – The Outlaws expose a woman who always cheats at the cucumber show and thereby allow their friend, Mrs. Roundway, to win at last.
9. A Little Interlude – William “borrows” a fancy dress costume which he substitutes for the one Robert was going to wear. The real owner turns up and disrobes Robert and traps him in a shed. William himself also gets stripped by the indignant person who had lent the costume to Robert.
10. The Pennymans Hand on the Torch – The Pennymans wish to hold a pageant for May Day which involves St. George and the Dragon. It proves to be the first time ever that the Dragon (played by William) ever came out on top in the conflict.

William’s Crowded Hours
This is the twelfth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1931.
There are ten short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Spy – At the seaside William dogs the footsteps of a harmless geologist convinced he is a German spy.
2. The Plan that Failed – When they learn that Mr.Marks their headmaster is about to marry an irascible spinster of the village the Outlaws come up with a plan that involves convincing her that “Old Marky is a violent drunk.
3. William and the Young Man – A university undergraduate convinces William that he is an international crook. William diverts a visiting lecturer to the wrong lecture because he believes he is a Scotland Yard detective.
4. The Outlaws and Cousin Percy - The nauseating Cousin Percy is driven away by William’s cunning and his ability to make use of politeness as a weapon.
5. William and the Temporary History Master - William recovers confiscated items from his temporary history master’s house and eats his dinner to boot. The spectacle the man makes in pursuit of William means that he will have to keep quiet about the crime.
6. A Crowded Hour with William - William convinces Dorinda Lane that he can make a roomful of food suddenly appear by magic. In a most satisfactory conclusion Hubert gets the blame for ruining the Women’s Guild competition.
7. The Outlaws and the Missionary -- The Outlaws and the local barber play jokes on each other. Meanwhile William and the Outlaws lose their money at a fair and fail to raise anything for a missionary.
8. The Outlaws and the Tramp - Fooled by the notorious tramp called Sandy Dick, William and the Outlaws raise money so that they can pay their entrance into the profession of tramp. The cash comes from the sale of photographs given to Ethel by all her different admirers.
9. William and the Sleeping Major - A sleeping draught allows the Major to sleep on and on in spite of all the games that the Outlaws play with him. The Major wakes to find himself confronted by a pig.
10. William and the Snowman - Colonel Fortescue gets pelted with snowballs by the Outlaws and retaliates by knocking down a snowman dressed in Robert’s clothes. Convinced that he has attacked Robert the Colonel is filled with mortification and allows Robert’s courtship of his niece to thrive.
William The Pirate
This is the fourteenth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1932.
There are eleven short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Musician – A credulous Punch and Judy man believes that William is the heir to the Hall. He puts on a performance in place of a violinist who gives a solo performance to William alone.
2. William Holds the Stage – In order to impress Dorinda Lane William takes over the performance of “Hamlet” in his school’s drama competition.
3. The Outlaws and the Triplets - Henry’s baby sister nearly goes missing and the other Outlaws find themselves with three extra babies. Williams flees the scene to Aunt Jane’s before the mothers can wreak revenge.
4. William and the Eastern Curse - William interferes in the love-life of his Aunt’s maid when Jumble arrives unexpectedly after a cross-county journey.
5. The New Neighbour - William discovers the bell system of the next door house and uses it to plague and finally drive away an objectionable new neighbour.
6. Mrs. Botts’ Hat – William is dared to steal Mrs. Bott’s hat and this leads him to a country fair and to a reward for a rescue which he doesn’t derserve.
7. William and the Princess Goldilocks – The leading lady of the pantomime proves not so attractive when William sees her without make-up at a local hotel.
8. Their Good Resolution - Determined to fulfil their new resolution to rescue someone the Outlaws split into teams of two. For a change Henry and Douglas have the last laugh over William and Ginger.
9. William’s Invention - William gets Mrs. Bott’s Hall into the papers of a psychical magazine by trying to fix the draught in her fireplace.
10. Aunt Arabelle in Charge - William gets an interview for Ginger’s aunt after he secretly records the “perfect boy” called Anthony Martin telling off his nurse.
11. A Little Affair of Rivalry - Victor Jameson and William try at first to help their brothers win the affections of the new girl who has come into their lives. Later they reverse their policy and try to ensure that their brothers fail in their courtship.
William – the Gangster
This is the sixteenth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1934.
There are seven short stories in this volume.
1. William – the Gangster – The Outlaws are left without weapons in the war between them and Hubert Lane’s and Bertie Franks’ gangs until William turns the Vicar’s wife’s peace conference to his advantage.
2. Three Cheers for Sweetikins – Ginger’s aunt’s dog gets taken for a walk by the Outlaws who manage to humiliate Bertie Franks and win ten shillings.
3. William and the real Laurence – William pretends to be a boy who is visiting his godmother for the first time since he was a baby. Miss Milton is convinced that Laurence is really William Brown.
4. The Plan that Failed – William tries to get a tip from his aunt but only succeeds in getting into trouble over the matter of two pedigree cats.
5. Only Just in Time – William and Violet Elizabeth Bott attempt to run a nightclub in the Old Barn and William gets the half-crown he needs for a football just in time.
6. William – the Sleepmaker – William “borrows” Aunt Jane’s sleeping draught and slips it into the glass of a leading member of the Temperance Movement.
7. William and the Russian Prince – Robert is invited to the local big house for a social cricket week and William succeeds in winning him the affection of the lovely (but simple) Belinda by pretending his brother is a Russian prince in disguise

William The Detective
This is the seventeenth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1935.
There are eleven short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Campers – William brings together some discontented campers and the proprietors of a guest house who lack customers.
2. William the Invisible – William pretends to be invisible and, covered in mud and grass, blunders into a garden party.
3. William the Conspirator – Hoping to re-enact the Cato Street Conspiracy the Outlaws kidnap a governor of their school but he is merely glad to have found a suitable house to rent.
4. William the Rat Lover - William organises treats for rats to match the efforts of the local bird society. The rats remember him long after the treat is over and follow William to a fancy dress party where he wins as the Pied Piper.
5. William and the Tablet - William sets out to clean the chimneys of the Hall but gets stuck. Later he is considered ideal for the tableau that the Pennymans are putting on.
6. William and the Nasties – In imitation of Hitler William and the Outlaws are determined to be come Nazis (Nasties) and frighten Mr. Isaacs out of his sweet shop, However, they catch a burglar instead.
7. William and the League of Perfect Love – Mrs. Bott is drawn in once again by the titled people who want to run an organisation that is kind to all animals. Jumble’s prowess as a ratter allows William to win the day as usual.
8. Waste Paper Wanted - William plays deaf and dumb in order to get back the copy of a novel that Robert’s haughty friend has just written.
9. William the Persian - William disguises himself as a Persian boy in order not to disappoint Miss Cliff. He accidentally knocks something over as he runs away and solves all her problems.
10. William and the Monster - William considers that there may be a monster of Loch Ness proportions in the Hall Lake. Unfortunately Robert is there all the time paying his courtship to one of his usual maidens.
11. A Present from William - A stuffed cat called Pluto yields a fortune that allows the Outlaws to buy their mothers the Christmas presents they planned.

Sweet William
This is the eighteenth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1936.
There are six short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Wonderful Present- William gets involved in a robbery at the Bott’s Hall residence and Robert unwittingly gives a girl the jewels that were stolen.
2. William and the Perfect Child – William reduces the perfect child to a happy mess by giving her a ride on a horse that he and the outlaws have appropriated,
3. William Helps the Cause – William decides to get himself kidnapped and Robert, fearing a promissory note, pays his ransom.
4. William and the Bugle – William goes on a trip to a stately home and has a bugle confiscated. By a cunning plan he gets it back again.
5. William and the Policeman’s Helmet – William wins the policeman’s helmet he “borrowed” by blundering into the affairs of two real thieves.
6. William the Reformer – William is empowered by the Vicar’s wife to start a parliament and he compels it to set all the servants free. He goes to the Hall to carry out this plan and ends up being invited to an old lady’s birthday party.

William the Dictator
This is the twentieth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1938.
There are ten short stories in this volume.
1. He Who Fights – During the summer holidays William makes friends with Ralph and Lucinda. Because Lucinda wants Ralph to pay attention to her she gets William to try to beat him up
2. What’s in a Name ? – William forms his own political organisation called the Greenshirts. Hubert Lane founds the Blueshirts and is defeated when he comes across William’s “boy sanctuary”.
3. Agnes Matilda Comes to Stay - A sickly girl is transformed back into rude health after an afternoon with the Outlaws.
4. A Question of Exchange - A television show put on by the Outlaws and Violet Elizabeth Bott ends with two fur pieces being exchanged much to their real owners’ horror.
5. Aunt Florence and the Green Woodpecker - A short-sighted aunt is lured away from the Hubert Laneites by William’s bird impression.
6. William and the Ebony Hair-Brush - Robert gets implicated in a robbery when William swaps hair-brushes without telling anyone.
7. Aunt Louie’s Birthday Present - An expedition by the Outlaws to buy a present for Aunt Louie ends up in a riot of self-indulgence. The table-cloth is not an idea that really appeals to them.
8. William and the Dentist – William runs away from the dentist’s and then breaks back in on behalf of the Tramp Villain Sandy Dick who has appeared in previous stories.
9. The Holewood Bequest – When William brings together an excited Alsatian and a nervous rat the chaos actually leads to the uncovering a valuable work of art.
10. William and the Old Man in the Fog - After listening credulously to a fortune-teller William leads everyone in the village to believe that Robert is about to come into a legacy. Robert puts his rise in popularity down to a book he has recently read.

William and the A.R.P.
This is the twenty-first of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1939.
There are nine short stories in this volume.
1. William and the A.R.P. - William finds himself in charge of twins who have decided to be evacuated. These cause havoc in the cellar of the Brown’s house.
2. William’s Good-Bye Present – Hubert Lane appropriates the leaving present intended for William. Only William’s knowledge of Hubert’s extreme fear of witches allows him the chance to recover the glorious penknife.
3. William’s Day Off – William impersonates an evacuee and then later on finds that he has to do his impersonation again for Hubert.
4. Portrait of William – William is drawn by an artist who has been commissioned to paint the absent Freddie. All goes well until Freddie’s ancient relation turns up and “recognises” William
5. William the Dog Trainer – Egged on by the foolish William Jumble chases sheep. Farmer Jenks is determined to have him put down but a second dog manages to come to the rescue.
6. William and the Vanishing Luck – A vase that is wanted by Ethel to placate a visiting relation has been given away. She foolishly employs William to get it back.
7. William’s Bad Resolution – William steals an ear-trumpet whilst under the impression that it is a valuable “Whistler”.
8. William and the Badminton Racket – A temporary doctor wishing to impress Ethel mistakenly diagnoses William’s malingering as appendicitis. Ethel’s usual boyfriend is delighted to be back in favour and gives William a badminton racket.
9. William and the Begging Letter – Robert and William are both caused trouble by begging letters. William’s requests are unsuccessful and the girl’s father accuses Robert of writing one.

William and the Evacuees
This is the twenty-second of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1940.
There are eight short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Evacuees – Tired of seeing the evacuees getting spoiled the local village children demand that William gets them evacuated too. William manages this to the horror of all the local parents.
2. William Tries the Films – William paints himself green and tries to join the film industry. However, all he succeeds in doing is driving the arrangers of the local pageant to another venue.
3. William and the Bird Man – In trying to arrange a good venue for a party for the evacuees Biggles falls foul of Wing-Commander Glover (another one of Ethel’s admirers) and accidentally exposes a German spy.
4. William and the Unfair Sex –At the seaside William tries to help two quarrelling girls put together a collection of sea-shells to impress their teacher.
5. William and the Air Raid Shelter – William uses Mrs. Bott’s Air Raid Shelter to help amuse a little girl from Iceland. Fortunately Mrs. Bott is more worried about the lake invading the underground shelter than William’s antics.
6. William and the Man from Africa – A friend of William’s father proves not to be the great white hunter that William had depicted to his friends. However, an extraordinary turn of events results in William basking in his reflected glory after all.
7. William and the Black-Out - A boasting rival of Robert’s is exposed by William and Ginger being in the right place at the wrong time. Robert is suitably grateful for a change.
8. William Gets His Own Back – A temporary truce breaks out between the Outlaws and the Hubert Laneites when they have to fight an older gang of outsiders. However, the obnoxious Queenie betrays William to the enemy. By good fortune William and Ginger help to expose an insurance fraud..

William The Bold
This is the twenty-seventh of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1950.
There are eight short stories in this volume.
1. Violet Elizabeth Wins – William and the Outlaws find a tramp to help Archie Mannister complete his painting. Violet Elizabeth “helps” in Archie’s kitchen and wins a part in William’s play. Fortunately mumps intervene.
2. William – The Bold – William decides to lead a rebellion and he is commanded by his supporters to capture a representative of the government. He succeeds in imprisoning the Chief Constable in the house of a black marketer who has been paying attentions to Ethel.
3. William and the Brown Check Sports Coat – William and the Outlaws have several adventures including one with General Moult when William foolishly gives away a brown check sport coat belonging to Robert.
4. A Witch in Time - William succeeds in driving out the tenant next door so that little Joan and her family can move back in. His efforts involve two cats and a woman who believes his stories that there is occult work in hand in the village.
5. The Battle of Flowers – With the unexpected help of Violet Elizabeth William and the Outlaws succeeds in capturing Hubert and his gang for his victory parade.
6. Esmeralda Takes a Hand – A tailor’s dummy belonging to Ethel is used by William to unexpected effects.
7. William and the Four-Forty – Due to a misunderstanding William stops the local train and is blackmailed by Hubert until a tea party with Robert makes events take an unexpected turn for the better for both brothers.
8. Cats and White Elephants – William lets another cat escape and steals a pepper pot for Archie.

William’s and the Moon Rocket
This is the twenty-ninth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1954.
There are eight short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Moon Rocket- William and Ginger come across a moon rocket that is about to be delivered to a fair. They discover that the delivery driver has a sideline in cigarette thefts.
2. William and the New Game –William and the Outlaws play the new game of parliaments in the house of a little girl who is playing the new game of owning a house.
3. William and the American Tie -- William has Robert’s new tie confiscated by a teacher. However, Mr. Vastop invents a lurid tale when he believes his house was invaded by burglars.
4. Archie on the Run - William overhears Archie declare that he is a criminal and has to flee the country. He arranges transport which delivers Archie and his sculpture to the Drama Society party which makes Archie a hero.
5. William and Little Yubear – William continues his long-running adventure story and gets to act out some parts with a little girl and with Hubert Lane.
6. William the New Elizabethan – The Outlaws decide to dig down to a new country but actually unearth some treasure that was lost during the war.
7. William and the Over-Ten Club - William organises an over-ten club to match the over sixty club. A lucky accident put him and his followers in the right place at the right time for a fabulous feast.
8. These Little Mistakes Will Happen – William and Ginger try to stain furniture with walnut ketchup. Mr. Brown uses Robert’s cement as fertiliser. Mr. Brown takes the two boys to see the “Wonder Cossacks” so they can both forget their mistakes.
William and the Space Animal
This is the thirtieth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1956.
There are five short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Space Animal – The Outlaws have trouble with a baby and with a boy dressed in a griffon costume.
2. William Goes for a Nice Little Walk – William encounters an Indian carrying a monkey in a basket and then later is responsible for the uncovering of a valuable legal document about a right of way.
3. William – the Tree-Dweller – William and Ginger witness an attempted insurance fraud when they attempt to become tree-dwellers. William’s father is relieved of the company of an unpleasant and tiresome neighbour.
4. William and One of Those Things – By a chapter of accidents William helps Mrs. Bott join a committee and Robert to get a piece of land for a tennis court.
5. William and the Old Boy – An obnoxious old boy of William’s school is revealed to be a thief and a liar and has to pay for a new pavilion with all the trimmings after William and Ginger visit a cave in an old quarry

William’s Treasure Trove.
This is the thirty third of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1962.
There are six short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Holiday Centre – William and Ginger organise a treasure hunt but Douglas and Henry don’t quite get the clues sorted out. Robert discovers that a letter gone astray actually saves him from a situation he was trying to avoid.
2. William’s Treasure Trove – Aunt Florence is given a “vision” which makes her determined to go on holiday to Greece. This proves to have been Violet Elizabeth up a tree in her dancing costume.
3. William and the Cottage – William is trusted by Archie Mannister to help let his cottage. The prospective tenants, however, go to the beautiful cottage next door and eat the sumptuous meal that has just been cooked.
4. William Tackles the Job – William promises to get a job for an old soldier who is forced to live in a local restrictive old person’s home. Only when confronted by General Moult and his revolver do things work out for the best.
5. William and Detective Journalism – Both Robert and William suffer from the demands of impossible females. The newcomer to the village suddenly gets confronted by a string of people who have apparently gone completely mad.
6. William and the Parsons’ Guy – William has a lot of trouble replacing the Parsons’ Guy back in its rightful place. To artist Archie is seems the little manikin has developed a life of its own.

William and the Masked Ranger
This is the thirty-sixth of the 39 William books. It was first published in book form in 1966.
There are six short stories in this volume.
1. William and the Masked Ranger- William tries to insert some interesting history into some old letters. However, it is the stamp that is most prized. Aunt Felicia turns out to be the right type after all.
2. William’s Summer Holiday - On holiday at the seaside William and Ginger come across a foreign boy who is only too willing to play Man Friday.
3. William and the Donkey – William believes that the field near the Old Barn is about to have houses built on it. He decides to find a way of changing the architect’s mind. This involves him in a tussle with an obstinate but friendly donkey.
4. Douglas’s Great Experience - Douglas finds himself captivated by a member of the female gender. He doesn’t seem to have a will of his own anymore. Some hidden fireworks bring the adventure to an end.
5. William and the Art Club- Archie is persuaded by William to become the secretary of the local Art Club. He gets tricked into the ownership of a dog by the owner of Applelea Cour to which he is conducting a cultural visit. A little girl brings matters to a satisfactory conclusion.
The Play’s the Thing - William and the Outlaws are excluded from a family visit to the first night of the play at the Hadley New Theatre. Hubert Lane is actually going. Determined to kidnap the leading actor the Outlaws come across the playwright instead and by accident they help him out with the plot of a thriller he is writing